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Eating on the Toilet: The Growing Leniency of Dating in the Workplace

October 23, 2017

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October Horror Review: Week 1

October 7, 2018

Isn't it glorious October started on a Monday?

Isn't mentioning anything positive with a Monday just weird?  Why don't people like new beginnings?


Anyways, it's great because I can do a weekly movie review starting with a full week!  I'm going to try to watch a movie every day this month and give you guys the up and up on some new scares and appreciate some old classics.


My goal is to watch something at least 5 nights a week, because life and such.  So without further delay:


October 1st: The Fly (1986)

I started out with Cronenberg's remake of the 1958 classic.  I haven't watched it in years so it was basically new to me.  It's still gross as all hell and I could definitely do some gross things to young Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis.   The interpretation of advanced technology is always humorous in 80's movies, but it's always fascinating and simplistic enough to move the plot along fine.  The makeup and effects still make my face contort, and the slowness of Jeff's transition really amped up my anticipation to finish the movie.  10 out of 10 Goldblums for this one!  (Note: My actual rating would be an 8, but if you've ever heard JG rate anything at all, then you get the joke)


October 2nd: Last Shift (2014)

This has been a choice on Netflix for some time now, and just from the thumbnail and description it looks like a terrible movie.  I didn't even entertain watching this until I watched a Top Ten list on YouTube.  Simply, its about a rookie cop who has to work at a questionable old station late at night, and I encourage you not to read the synopsis once you open Netflix, just click play!

This movie was a pleasant surprise!  It used some really cool camera techniques and simple effects to really get your skin crawling.  With the right understanding of the mind, you don't have to break the bank to creep someone out.  This movie gets 9 out of 10 Pentagrams.


October 3rd: Still (2010)

"Still" is a Thai horror anthology of 4 tales inspired by actual news headlines in the country.  This one was interesting due to its variety.  I cried out of sadness, shrieked in fear, and laughed genuinely.  There were also plenty of moments that left me confused...but if I tell you why, it might spoil something! OR...maybe I was really confused...anyways I know a good chunk of it was done on purpose.  The visuals were a blend of low quality and terrific.  Yup.  Plenty of techniques looked cheap but there were just as many that affected me and left me impressed for what the filmmakers were working with. 7 outta 10 Pentagrams!


October 4th: The Ritual (2017) did I love this one.

Another pleasant surprise from Netflix that I have been actively avoiding.  Seriously, that platform needs to choose better thumbnails.

The Ritual was refreshing! It told a great story of guilt, anger, and grief between a group of friends.  There is a creature in this movie, a very interesting one shrouded in mystery until the final 30 minutes of the film.  The wait is worth it!   The camera gave us (the watcher) a sense of stalking our protagonists with its lingering shots and when blood was shed it looked fantastic.  It was unsettling, and smart (well aside from every decision the group made essentially)  8/10 Pentagrams!


October 7th: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning (2006)


This one always makes my heart drop, knees weak, yet somehow still jumping out of my seat. The Michael Bay directed piece definitely did not hold back on anxiety building rollercoasters or cringey gore.  Now this prequel-sequel is obviously doing it's best to one-up the 2003 flick, but I also think it tells a decent story of how such a crazy mess came to be in that little Texan town.  And we CAN NOT go without mentioning how good the effects were...TCM has some of my favorite gross scenes and the blood is a lovely color, because I get physically uncomfortable with it.  8/10 Pentagrams!


What do you guys think? What did you end up watching this week? I'm taking think on only have the rest of the month...



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