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Eating on the Toilet: The Growing Leniency of Dating in the Workplace

October 23, 2017

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Social Media is Revolutionary! But eh.

October 13, 2017


Social media has definitely caused a revolution.  Think about it. Social media has found a way to connect everyone to anyone.  Conversations that stream from Tokyo to Detroit, or appreciation from a celebrity to a fan; countless forms of interactions that were impossible before are now feasible with the help of Social Media.

I think it’s an amazing way to connect with the world.  I have always been fully immersed in social media since the birth of it.  I’ve held many different accounts in general and niche websites:

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Tumblr

  • Reddit

  • (Let's take it back a little)  Myspace

  • Newgrounds

  • Tagged

  • Bebo

  • Crushspot

  • And many…many more

If you’ve seen the show Catfish (if you haven’t google it), that was pretty much me.

That’s right! I was an OG Catfish back in the day.

It was my form of entertainment in my junior high years.  If you’ve randomly chatted to a blonde 24-year old “Christine”, she was probably me.


I digress.  My point is I deal with social media much more than the normal person would like to admit to, and always have.  It’s nothing to be ashamed of though, because social media has evolved.  At first, it was seen as just a way to keep in contact with friends or meet new people.  However, there is much more to it than that. It is integrated into our educational, personal, and professional lives.

My homework includes tweeting and I get paid to run a Facebook page.  I literally couldn’t avoid social media if I wanted to.  And you probably can’t either.  That’s when you know something is revolutionary, it causes a change that you can’t just step aside from.


Another revolutionary concept that came from social media: virality, or the chance of a piece going viral.

The power of virality could be considered the biggest benefit and detriment of social media.  It all depends on the content.  A piece of content going viral could mean someone’s life being saved.  It could also have a result of pain and humiliation.  Think of the most embarrassing moment of your life.  Now think about how much it would suck it if were recorded and viewed 20,034,080 times….and counting.

The only thing that sucks worst than that is cyber bullying.  Social networks are a new form of communication, and with that comes harassment and negativity.  Cyber bullying can happen to anyone.  It’s incredibly easy to do these days when a person can hide their true identity behind a screen; and because of that, the attacks can be more vicious.  Cyber bullying has taken many lives and proven that words can hurt a lot more than sticks and stones.

In the natural order of things there is a dark side of social media.  Terrible people get their hands on something and it doesn’t take long for it to be tainted.  Social media is unfortunately a fast and effective channel to spread hate, false information, and white collar crimes.

Putting together the pros and cons of social media, they equal a nice, big “eh” for me.  It’s interesting to study and analyze, but all in all it’s just another part of today’s world that is integrated into my life.




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