Project | Team Angie Fitness
Angelia Johnson hired me to expand her social media presence and increase engagement with her clients.  Over the course of a year, we were able to set a better social media foundation and increased her followers engagement by 35%. 
Project | NOMMFUL

NOMMFUL is a startup company creating an app that will connect restaurants with local farmer's markets in a unique and convenient way.  I was introduced into the company as a campaign strategist to assist in planning a successful launch, and I provide advice guided by diligent research and market analyses.

Project | Interesting Concept

Intellect Allison is an artist from Detroit who has innovative processes for education and self discovery, but her projects and events needed an awareness boost.  I started by creating a new resume for her, and we worked together to create a social media campaign to lead up to her debut event, "Interesting Concept."  This was crafted to showcase her educational techniques, and the event ultimately sold out.

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